It all began after Wacey’s mother Lucinda was gifted a Freeze Dryer for Christmas in 2020. Lucinda came across someone Freeze Drying candy on social media and tried Freeze Drying some herself later shipping some samples to Wacey and Ivan. After realizing how unique and fun Freeze Dried candy was, Ivan and Wacey decided to embark on an all Freeze Dry goods business. By March 2021, they had everything they needed to begin operating out of their home kitchen in Ogden with only one commercial Freeze Dryer on hand. Two months into their journey, they quickly realized that if they where to keep up with the influx of orders and expand with nationwide shipping, another Freeze Dryer and a commercial kitchen space were the next investment steps. Plant Kandy now has a storefront proudly located on 24th and Washington in Downtown Ogden! Ivan and Wacey love seeing their regulars and welcome anyone who hasn’t tried Freeze Dried goods to stop by and try some of their delicious samples at their shop! *please be aware that these two entrepreneurs started with candy BUT will be living up to the "Plant" in their business name as they slowly transition into expanding their menu. Ivan and Wacey are excited for the future and are excited to continue to be innovators in the field of Freeze Dried Goods! They have so many other non candy goods in the works behind the scenes so stay tuned! This is just the beginning! ;) 


- Proud fathers of two adorable Boxer Fur babies named Faben & Kya

- Faben is a combination of Ivan and Wacey’s Birthday months (January and February)

- Kya was named after the blue healing Crystal, Kyanite.

- Wacey is from Vernal, Utah

- Ivan has roots in Mexico City and grew up in Queens, New York

- Both love to go Kayaking at Causey, Reservoir

- Wacey served a mission in California for the LDS church

- Ivan is an FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) alumnus

- Wacey is a type 1 Diabetic (not to be confused with type 2)

- Ivan is the Vegan one!